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2018 speaker series continues
on Saturday, February 17th
with railroad historian Stewart Buck

Railroad author, teacher, and historian Stewart Buck will present a free program called Streamliners on the Overland Route - Central Iowa's Mainline to America. His program will be Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at 2 pm in the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum at the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad.

Buck will cover the history of Streamliners on the legendary Iowa Overland Route focusing on their onset, the economic impact of later competing transportation, and finally their eventual impact upon the public. He will explore the confluence of conditions leading to the development and success of the streamliners on the Overland Route.

"A series of circumstances converged in the 1930s to create a new era of American rail passenger service. The economic impact of the automobile and the Great Depression demanded a fresh start to attract passengers back to the rails. What manifested was the streamliner, an aerodynamically shaped, ultra modern train that galvanized the public’s attention and inspired ridership... Union Pacific’s 1934 futuristic streamlined train spurred a design movement that developed into a fleet of renowned passenger trains on the legendary Overland Route. This central Iowa mainline provided passengers with a transportation system that was the envy of the world," Buck said.

Be sure to see this interesting and informative presentation. If you wish a tour of the museum with a guide cost is $8 adult and $3 children. For more information call 800-626-0319 or visit the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad website at www.bsvrr.com or contact Mike Wendel at: mike@bsvrr.com.

Speakers in the months ahead include:

Mark and Mike Nelson
Saturday, March 17
"Through the Decades"

Don Hofsommer
Saturday, April 21
"The Fort Dodge Line"

Bob Bourne
Saturday, May 19
"Railroads of Story County"

Streamliners Through Iowa
Now Open
at the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum and History Center

Above: Chicago and NorthWestern Streamliner 4-6-4 Hudson #4009 E-4 had a busy morning arriving in Ames, Iowa and headed westbound towards Boone with Omaha as its destination. Thursday, May 5, 1949.
Don Christenson photo (Lou Marre collection)

Boone, Iowa     Streamliners Through Iowa is an exhibit at the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum and History Center. This exhibit, partially sponsored by Humanities Iowa and the National Endowment for the Humanities, highlights contributions streamlined trains made to Iowa travel before and following WWII and their important impact on Iowa citizens.

The exhibit displays informational banners with topics ranging from streamliner inception, progression, ultimate zenith, and eventual decline of these magnificent machines.

Thirteen four-color banners include the following titles: A New Way to Travel, What is Streamlining?, The First Streamliner, Streamliners, Steam vs. Diesel, The Streamliner Experience, Streamliners: Their Economic Impact, Streamliners in Iowa: Post WWII, Decline of the Streamliners, The Chicago and North Western Streamliners, Workers on the Train, and Pullman Porters.

In addition to four color banners with rare photography and informational hand outs, the museum will play the DVD American Streamliners in the theater. Also on display will be a combination of  artifacts and interactive displays as well as a hi-res informational program highlighting little-known facts about these special streamlined trains and how they affected Iowans.

James H. Andrew Railroad Museum entrance fee is $8 adults (12 and over), $3 children (3-11 years old), no charge for toddlers (under age 3) or free with purchase of most excursion train tickets.

Boone county residents with a disability who require special assistance and would like to attend this exhibit, please call Boone County Public Transportation at 515-432-5038 between 6:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. Rides should be requested at least one day before the date of the trip.

For more information about this event call 1-800-626-0319 or e-mail: mike@bsvrr.com

This program is supported by Humanities Iowa and the National Endowment for the Humanities.The views and opinions expressed by this program do not necessarily reflect those of Humanities Iowa or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Volunteers Wanted
As is the case with our non-profit operating railway museum, the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad, The James H. Andrew Railroad Museum is a volunteer-driven organization. We are always looking for a few good volunteers.  Our Volunteers page has been updated with a look at the many opportunities to volunteer at the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum.

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